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Date of Upload: 30th November, 2021

Poetry Writing Week - Aspiring Poets and Poetess

The young poets and poetesses of Prangan echoed the block with the rhythm of their poems. The students made the magic happen! The students learnt about the parts of poem i.e line, stanza, rhythm and the rhyming scheme, they were also exposed to figurative speech like similes, metaphors and personification with examples from their textbook. They experimented with different kinds of poem like Acrostic, Free Verse and Rhyming Poems.

The students just needed a nudge in the right direction a little rhyming word here and there and then there was no stopping them.

On Friday, 26th November, 'Poetry Slam' was conducted in Prangan for grades II-IV. Poetry echoed in all the classrooms as the budding poets and poetesses recited their best written poetry in front of their teachers and classmates and were appreciated for their tremendous efforts.

If I could make days last forever,

I would save ‘today’ like a treasure,

And live every moment again and again,

To see how our efforts proved that all our doubts were in vain. 

To believe dreams do come true

When together we come to blend the various hues!