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Date of Upload: 30th November, 2021

English Debate Grade V

French philosopher Joseph Joubert has said: “It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it.”

We can’t overrule the fact that “Good communicators rule the world!” To instill confidence in students and to enable them to become good communicators, the English teachers motivated their students of Grade V to accept the challenge of debating. It was an initiative to develop their language skills especially Speaking Skills. This tactic not only motivated the students to sharpen their language skills but also enabled them to think creatively, critically and analytically. 

The topic being “Dependency on Artificial Intelligence will make us less intelligent’’ was vehemently fought.

The Final debaters were selected after the two rigorous rounds of selection. Every student of Grade V participated in the Preliminary round and then twelve students from each section were selected for the Semi-Final round. Then the best six speakers from each section were selected for the final round. The finalists were divided in three teams, The Affirmative team- For the Motion, The Negative team- Against the Motion, and the Interjector who challenged every member’s justification for or against the topic. 

The highlight of the activity was that many students started their speech with relevant poetry lines or quotes like seasoned debaters. This was not only the end of all! Students were given positive comments on ‘Presentation’, ‘Content’, ‘Relevance’, and ‘Eloquence’. The zealous and aspiring contestants from Grade V put up an excellent show. It was an aural treat to witness such a heart-to-heart discourse.