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Date of Upload: 25th October, 2021

Fitness Freak - V

Being Physically active and fit holds utmost importance especially among today’s younger generation who is busy enjoying the luxuries of mobile, laptop and TV at an alarming rate and aren’t active. In order to enjoy the beauty of life and to experience it to the fullest children must be involved in physical activities or sports.

Aiming at a healthy body in a healthy mind, Fitness Freak V ‘Kneel It - Clap It - Catch It ‘was organized for Grades II to V. 

Sports team extends its congratulations to all the students who participated in it. The number of participants was highly encouraging. Sports teachers appreciate the students’ engagement in building up a healthier future through fitness activities. 

We hope this experience helps our students stay healthy and motivated. 

Our students and their families made this competition more interesting. We hope the students have gained valuable experience and life skills as we believe that “Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries. Try to be better than yourself!