COVID 19 Admissions Open
Date of Upload: 21st October, 2021

Welcome Day of Grade II and III

The best way to predict your future is to create it!  -Abraham Lincoln

A Cheerful ‘Welcome” helps children for a positive start to their school journey.

To make this journey an exciting, successful and happy experience Prangan organized “WELCOME DAY” for Grades II and III who entered the school campus nearly after a long gap of more than 18 months.

On 20th October, Prangan was all decked up and all the teachers were full of great zeal and zest. The day started with a solemn prayer from the school journal. The students were made aware of the class rules which were based on the theme- “Physically apart, socially together”. From seating arrangements to walking in the corridor or moving towards the dining, students were well acquainted with Covid protocol. Students along with teachers were exhilarated to meet each other finally without any virtual medium. All safety measures and precautions were already in place.

Students enjoyed the activity of drawing emojis in their drawing books in order to describe thrilled to get exciting stickers in their notebook saying ‘Happy to see you on Day One’. To celebrate the resumption of classes for our little brave hearts, teachers planned fun activities to trigger their excitement across all subjects.  In the English class teachers welcomed their students with a self-composed poem, ‘Happy School Days Are Here Again’. Students happily recited the poem, and added few lines of their own to echo similar sentiments.  In Math, they challenged themselves by making beautiful rangolis using basic shapes.  In Social Studies they imagined and designed their own happy planet.  The Science teachers recapitulated the Covid Safety Rules by asking the students to make a colourful poster, ‘My Rules My Safety!’ Students also wrote few lines on safety rules. Hindi teachers made sure to engage students in a fun filled story weaving and word building activity.

Ensuring safety precautions and social distancing norms the day ended with a hope of fresh start towards a bright future.