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Date of Upload: 14th October, 2021

Round Square - Post Card

Dynamics of World Economics in 2020

The Postcard event organized by Genesis Global School, brought together young economists and policymakers to discuss the impact the events of 2020 had on the global economy and its further growth.

The Shikhar students of The Sanskaar Valley School participated in this collaborative Round Square Post Card which mainly addressed its theme- In what ways covid-19 affected the global economy. 

Postcard commenced with a wonderful speech given by the keynote speaker Dr. Malini Sharma, she addressed various issues like how covid-19 impacted the world’s economy and suggested measures taken by the government to improve the condition.  The delegates were divided into breakout rooms where they had an interactive activity and got to know each other’s perspective through Baraza discussion on the extent and impact of pandemic on global economy.

The discussion encompassed the research and thought process of many international schools from USA and Japan, this helped the students to get a  gist  about what is going on around the world. The post card was like a bridge connecting different perspectives and thoughts of people globally. It was a fruitful session and managed very well by the Barraza hosts as well as the teachers.