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Date of Upload: 4th October, 2021

Hygiene Kit Activity - Grade II

A Healthy Body is always a Home to Healthy Mind

Keeping ourselves physically clean and maintaining our personal hygiene will always help us in overall good health and wellbeing. Today our environment is polluted and is full of germs to which we are exposed and are at the risk of getting sick.  Personal hygiene practices can help us prevent illnesses. Learning about the essentiality of personal hygiene that will inculcate good habits, the students of Grade 2 participated in a virtual ‘Show and Tell’ activity wherein each student showcased a personal hygiene kit of their own. Students by displaying their personal hygiene kit demonstrated how they keep themselves clean in order to remain healthy and to feel good about themselves. The activity was full of excitement with students participating and displaying their Kits which were very creatively assembled and displayed. A very qualitatively enriching experience to all of them.