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Date of Upload: 27th September, 2021

Paper Boat Activity

Play is spontaneous, joyful and creative activity in which a child finds fullest self-expression. -Ross

Learning by doing method attempts to imbibe the spirit of fun and frolic in education. This flexible method of imparting knowledge in a friendly and natural atmosphere where students get an opportunity to express themselves freely and frequently was adopted by the English department by successfully conducting the online ‘Paper Boat Activity’ for Grade V students on 14th September. The students enthusiastically participated and showcased their beautiful and creative paper boats and also wrote heart felt messages for their unknown friend. Some wrote beautiful poems for their unseen friend in a foreign land and some sent consoling messages to not lose hope and patience in such difficult times. Some students reminded their unknown friends to follow the Covid-19 rules and be safe. Besides enhancing their creativity the other skills that students instilled in them were of speaking, listening, thinking and vocabulary building.