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Date of Upload: 6th September, 2021

Doon School Conference

Equality, Justice, Speech, Majority, Inclusion, freedom, liberty, compromise, peace, harmony, law and unity make up DEMOCRACRY.

Democracy is not just a form of government but that of a social organization. Democracy is inclusion, tolerance, respecting views and human rights, freedom of speech and representation. 

At the Doon School Round Square Conference, we discussed what democracy means to us, experiencing democracy in our lives, when should democracy be introduced to students, the flaws of the democratic system, technology’s impact on democracy and what is the future of democracy.

Everyone has their own perception of democracy but together our barazza group believes that democracy is an integral part of lives. For us students, we experience democracy through the student council, leaders in group projects. The concept of democracy should be introduced at the grassroot level to make students believe that their voice is heard and it matters and to make better decision makers. Technology has also played very important in the democracy. It is a tool and it depends on us how we use it for our betterment. 

The long- term future for democracy in the world is much brighter than most of us imagine. Economic development brings expanding levels education, information, travel and other experiences that enhance human knowledge, awareness and intelligence. Cognitive mobilization inspires and empowers people to think for themselves and not just accept received authority and wisdom. 

Development brings value change that is highly conducive to the emergence and persistence of liberal democracy.

After the baraza session, the keynote speaker, Mr. KP Krishnan shared his insightful thoughts on democracy. He shared how democracy dates back to the Vedic age and the Rig Veda mention Sabha, Samiti and Samajana the collective consciousness voice of people. Democracy is about inclusion and conflict resolution by natural justice and majority. He also mentioned about economic democracy for fueling the future of countries and how India will need adopt with greater vigor to Take democracy beyond voting.

Overall, the conference was very interactive and insightful discussions took place. It was amazing experience for Shikhar students understanding the importanceof academics but also of life skills respecting everyone’s point of view and their thoughts, tolerance and most impostantly being positive and optimistic.