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Date of Upload: 23rd July, 2021

Learning Through Current Affairs

Social Studies – Grade V

Along with books as tools for learning, we initiated our students to read current affairs and new developments around the World. 

“Geography is not important, it is essential…. The issue facing us today can only be understood from a geographical perspective.”  - NCGE GAW 2014

Students of grade V have started learning geography and are introduced to the topic Weather and Climate in Social Studies. It’s not only the textbooks that is a tool for learning but students are also addressing and learning some major issues of the world with the help of current affairs. 

Students appreciated the efforts of the people of Italy to cover the glacier with strips of cloth to prevent it from melting and shared their thoughts on how this issue can be addressed and taken care of. 

Global warming is a threat, one that will affect the generations to come. The atmosphere surrounding us that supports life is a God- given gift. It must be protected. Children of grade V have acknowledged this global issue and shared their thought on how to protect the mother Earth from the Global Warming which is also a major cause for the climate change across the globe.