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Date of Upload: 22nd July, 2021

Curated Show on The Moon Landing

“That’s one small step for man, one joint leap for the mankind.”- Neil Armstrong

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Event: Curated Show on The Moon Landing

Date & Time: Tuesday, 20th July 2021 at 3:00 PM

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On the memorable occasion of Moon Landing Day, a curated show was organized by the Regional Science Centre, Bhopal which was LIVE streamed on their YouTube channel on Tuesday, 20th July 2021 at 3:00 PM. This event was ably hosted by Mr. Saket Singh Kaurav, Curator Regional Science Centre Bhopal, based on the APOLLO 11 Mission the ‘First Giant Leap’ by NASA on 20th July 1969. It was wonderful to see the astronauts Commander Neil Armstrong, lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin - the first human beings ever to land on the moon using the lunar module ‘Eagle’ - and the command module pilot Michael Collins. We also got a chance to witness some iconic photos and videos of the mission. This included their landing, experiments they set up, how they collected samples of lunar soil and planted the flag of USA. After completing the mission, the team splashed down in the Pacific Ocean after donning the biological isolation garments and travelled to a Mobile Quarantine Facility aboard the ship where they remained in quarantine after which the crew members undertook a Goodwill tour around the world. It was an enriching session for our students which sparked their curiosity about space. They thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and shared their observations and learnings.  

This great feat proved that anything is possible with persistent efforts, teamwork and belief. The sky is the limit for those who don’t give up!