COVID 19 Admissions Open
Date of Upload: 19th July, 2021

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good chase?

Whether they are seeking books, colours, toys, or chocolates, they all get a thrill when they are challenged to chase something down or seek something out. They just cannot get enough of that sweet, sweet, feeling of anticipation. That is one reason why Virtual Scavenger Hunt conducted on the 16th of July 2021 had the power to capture students’ attention. After a quick word of advice and rules for the game, the teachers got the Pranganites chasing items and following clues, experiencing the rush of mystery and the satisfaction of resolution on repeat. They found one item and then they could not wait to find the next as the students were asked to run through their house attempting to crack the riddle. It was the perfect recipe for escalating fun and also for one memorable virtual event. But for Pranganites this event offered more than just thrills and entertainment as the students showed the items on the screen and spoke about it. The list had category that involved all sorts of different objects found at home. It was a super fun way to connect with their friends virtually!

Scavenger hunt allowed students of Grades II & III to practice problem-solving in a tangible way. It was like an exercise for the mind and body.  This activity was played with great zeal and ended with leaving children of Prangan smiling and super happy as they were actively engaged in planning, playing, solving clues and speaking. Watching others and enjoying themselves too, the Pranganites made their teachers so proud. Absolutely! A virtual scavenger was a great way to make this stay-at-home time a little more fun! This wonderful game bought so much joy to both students and the teachers.