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Date of Upload: 17th July, 2021

Talk Show - Rendezvous With Me - Grade IV and V

“Every life has a purpose. Share your story and you may help someone find their own!"

After the successful completion of the first round of ‘Talk show- Rendezvous with me!’, It was again time for rest of the class to get in touch with their family members and ask them to unfold their precious & unforgettable moments and even their childhood secrets.

On 16th July 2021, the students of Grades IV and V conducted the second round of the activity ‘Rendezvous with me!’ during the Events and Competition Time where they got the opportunity to know their family members in a better way by asking various questions and developed a stronger relationship. They also got their ‘Perfect Picture’ clicked with their treasured ones during the activity.

It was a wonderful moment for the teachers as well as parents to see the students conduct the interviews with so much of confidence and grace.