Date of Upload: 5th July, 2021

Stellar Speller Quiz

‘We All Learn Better When We're Having Fun!’

There was elation across the students of grade II-V. Excitement was paramount, students were dressed in their house T-shirts and waiting earnestly. The Spell Bee Quiz was launched in its new Avatar- ‘The Stellar Speller Quiz’! This year it was played Team wise in each section. The names of the Teams were- The Spellicans, The Spell Casters, The Spelltones and The Spelling Beegle. 

The Stellar Speller Quiz was an instant hit across the grades. The interesting rounds hooked the students from the start. The enthusiasm was sky high, as students of grade II & III battled their way forward with four challenging rounds, ‘Word-Jumble, Word Monster, Words Within a Word and Word Blends.’ Challenge for grade IV & V became steeper with the addition of two more rounds, Homophones and Anagrams.  There was neck to neck competition in many grades as the students exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Stellar Speller Quiz succeeded in adding new dimensions to the otherwise monotonous way of rote learning the spellings. It was a win-win situation for both the students and the teachers of English language.