Date of Upload: 28th June, 2021

Online Staff Training at TSVS

Two crucial factors have shifted due to 

the pandemic. First, pedagogical adaptations have proven to be pivotal as the traditional lecturing in-person models do not translate to a remote learning environment. To this end the staff training this year was planned in such a way so that teachers may enrich the online experience for our students. The  training this year was different from all the earlier years. For one thing the teachers received the training while they were at home. The sessions included workshops on using Artificial Intelligence in classes, subject enrichment, tools one can use in class and much more. Sessions were planned for the emotional well being of teachers and their families. This included a fulfilling session with Daaji, Global guide of the Heartfulness Foundation. The performing arts and sports department had wonderful sessions ranging from nutrition for school going children  to music therapy. The teachers are eager to try out all the new things they have learnt in the past few days.