COVID 19 Admissions Open
Date of Upload: 24th June, 2021

Mentor Time - 23rd June

‘Public Speaking- The Art of Effective Oral Communication.’

Possessing good communication skills are mandatory. The earlier they are inculcated the better it is. Therefore, to convert our students’ nervousness into a enthusiasm and confidence we give them a weekly opportunity to strengthen their skills. It gives them an opportunity to overcome all the hurdles which may come in the flow of their communication skills.

As students re-joined virtual classes after the summer break the theme of Public Speaking too was ‘Back to School.’ Though the theme was common across grades II-V, students presented the topic in many interested ways. They talked about how they were waiting eagerly to connect with their friends and teachers for the much-needed synergy in these difficult times. Some talked about the ‘Monday Morning Blues’ as now they will have to wake up on time and follow a set routine. Some enthralled us with their preparations to re-join school with rejuvenated spirits. 

It was a pleasure to hear each speaker. Some faltered and stammered but the loud applaud of their peers and teacher’s motivating words re-assured them that they too will perfect the art with practice!

It is an excellent way to convert student’s  nervousness into a likeable enthusiasm!