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Date of Upload: 16th June, 2021

Round Square Conference - The Millennium School Dubai



Sanskaarians at Shikhar participated in a two day virtual Round Square Conference on 13th and 14th June 2021, hosted by The Millennium School Dubai on the theme- “The Art of Growing Up- A collaboration towards shaping the minds and hearts of the future,” based on the Round Square IDEALS of Internationalism, Leadership, and Service. The conference highlighted various aspects of emotional and psychological well-being of young adults. The conference began on an enriching note from eminent keynote speakers. The mindfulness session by Mr. Patrick Elher made students learn about various pillars of emotional intelligence like self-awareness and self-management. Learning of sign language to speak with the especially abled by Ms. Gulshan Karavana touched upon the empathetic side of students. The insightful discussion with Dr. Gilda Scarfe inspired them in finding purpose in life. After these enriching and mind-engaging words by all the speakers, the students had the opportunity to interact with each other and have fruitful discussions in their respective breakout rooms during Wellness workshops planned on light and fun topics like Dance for wellness, Body positivity, Manage your stress, breathe in breathe out. Baraza session saw the students engaging in illuminating discussions on topics like Resilience, Grit and perseverance, Gratitude, Self-belief, Communication combined with well-being activities which made them brainstorm on– ‘The Art of Growing Up’. 

On the final day of conference Keynote speaker Gaurav Kapur guided the students by his inspiring life story and how his perseverance and determination led him to achieve and live his passion. For Shikhar students it turned out to be an empowering and inspiring experience. The conference truly transcended the bounds of time zones and geographical constraints enriching participants with life-long learning of well-being, a beautiful journey of making new friends and opening to newly discovered self.