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Date of Upload: 30th March, 2021

Colourful Expressions - Spring in Action!

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”

The co curricular department announced an Inter- House Art Competition on the theme - Spring is in the air!

The students of Grade II & III participated in painting the Tees with fresh flowers and leaves, celebrating Holi - the festival of colours and Spring!

The students of Grade IV & V had a great time turning their squiggles and doodles into beautiful pieces of art on this theme.

The participants amazed everyone through their imagination, creativity, and use of colours. 

Efforts of all participants were showcased on 26th of March by showing their action videos and announcing winners per grade. Class Teachers shared the results during Events and Competition time and appreciated all the young artists for participating and congratulated the winners for their efforts.