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Date of Upload: 22nd March, 2021

Fitness Freak

Sports and game activities are beneficial for us as they teach us punctuality, discipline, teamwork and dedication. Playing sports also helps us in building and improving confidence level.

The Sports faculty planned a special event called Fitness freak whereby Grade II & III were given a challenge related to ‘Dribbling the Ball’ and Grade IV & V students participated in the challenge ‘Around the World’. Efforts of all participants were showcased by showing their action videos and announcing winners per section. 250 participants from Grade II and III and 180 from Grades IV and V dazzled all by their enthusiasm. 

Class Teachers shared the results on 20th of March during Events and Competition time. They congratulated the winners and participants. They appreciated the participants’ hard work and sporting spirit. There was also an adrenaline rush on the  announcement of the upcoming Sports Challenge in April.