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Date of Upload: 5th March, 2021

Prangan - Welcome English Activity

You’re off to great places.

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting,

So, get on your way!!!

- Dr. Seuss

A cheerful and an exciting ‘Welcome’ helps children for a positive start to their school journey. To make this journey an exciting, successful and happy experience, the English department organized interesting activities to introduce the English lessons in a fun filled and interactive way. Children were thrilled to participate in these activities and also enjoyed being a part of these stories.

Grade II: English teachers introduced the lesson ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ in a captivating way by using beautiful puppets. This story teaches them the lesson of being kind to everyone.

Grade III:  The teachers introduced the lesson ‘The Royal Gift’ through a fun filled activity ‘Sink and float’. The students were asked to be ready with paper boat, a bowl filled with water and all pins/ safety pins. Kids were excited to perform the experiment and also understood the importance of using wit and intelligence promptly.

Grade IV: Started with an engaging interactive activity ‘Can you Guess’ to introduce the lesson ‘Henry’ and the word ‘Camouflage’.

Students were asked to guess and identify the animals hidden in the slides. The activity inspired them to brainstorm and know interesting facts about animals which camouflage like the protagonist of the story ‘Henry’. Children enjoyed the activity and got curious to know more about the story.

Grade V: The teachers introduced the lesson ‘Art is for Everyone’ through a listening activity where the teacher gave instructions and students drew accordingly. Most of the drawings were different from one another which illustrated everyone’s divergent perspective. 

It was an amazing experience to see the lovely smiling faces at the end of the class. To sum up, the students as well the teachers had a good time and started the journey of this new session with more smiles and more learning.