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Date of Upload: 8th February, 2021

Sanskaar Virtual Fest Aadhar

The Sanskaar Valley School organised the Sanskaar Virtual Fest Aadhar for the toddlers of the kindergarten in an endeavour to give the students an experience that is closest to being in school. So this year not only did the kids study together virtually, played games, made friends but also got  together to put up a magical show. This was met with a staggering response from the students, who, in a bid to feel things steadily shift back to normalcy, ended up registering for nearly 1500 activities in a total number of 16 events. The fest was premiered on YouTube on 5th and 6th February'21 where the effort of all the kids was showcased in the form of snippets of all the videos received in each event. Few videos were given titles in each event based on creativity, child's effort and overall performance. The events for Aarambh &Neev I included 'Talking Tees' where children gave Arty expressions to their t-shirts,  'Hakuna Matata' where they brought a character from the jungle onto  the virtual stage , 'My Story Basket' where they became storytellers, 'Two to Tango' where they jigged and jived with their family, there was also 'Toss and Bucket', 'Funny Face Sandwich' and 'Circle Jump'; the children took all the challenges in a most wonderful way. The events for Neev II and Nirmaan students included, ' A Born Actor' where the kids shared their innate talent of acting, '1 Minute Animal Yoga' which saw the children do all the animal poses learned in the online class in 1 min,  'A Salad story on my Plate' saw the little ones put on the chef hat to display their culinary skills, then there was 'Poet in Me' where children gave wings to words and expressed their  feelings about  'Missing School, 'Dress to Express' where they dressed up as their favourite story characters,  'Kneel it Clap it Catch it', 'Happy Feet' and 'Jumping Jacks'. All the students participated with an acute sense of ardour and zeal thereby making them all winners.