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Date of Upload: 3rd February, 2021

Mentor Time - 3rd February

My Incarnation of My Memorable Characters!

"There’s no limit to creativity, most inventions being enjoyed today are as a result of someone’s imagination"

Children have great interest in the activities which connect them to the world of fantasy. Along with being fun, using imagination in the story improves creativity and promotes better performance in their routine life.

So, in the Mentor Time Session we decided to explore more joy and happiness by giving the opportunity to the children to do character makeover in stories. The interesting storytelling session on incarnation of memorable characters triggered our students’ imagination and creativity. It helped in strengthening their analytical and critical thinking abilities. Each one of them challenged their oratory skills by modulating their voice as per the need of the story and its characters. 

During the session, children presented a remarkable variety of various characters with great enthusiasm and fun. They were found fascinated by superhero and fantasy characters such as unicorns, dinosaurs, princess tales or even superman because of their super powers.

The creative skills they learnt during the session is the tool they used to shape their thoughts and feelings. Children could develop a strong problem-solving approach. It also helped in strengthening their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

"Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding."