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Date of Upload: 2nd February, 2021

1st February- Class Photograph!

Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.

Class photographs are a timeless tradition that gives students a keepsake to remember the year by. The only way to view the same moment once again, is through photographs. The hustle and bustle of Picture Day is exciting for teachers and students but this year it was a special year. Students had a totally different bonding with their class teacher, subject teachers and classmates. To freeze a special moment in time Pranganites joined together as a class along with their class teacher on 1st February. Initially, they were a little curious about their class photograph. Students wore their yellow T-shirts and dressed up smartly as guided by their teacher. Then as the class commenced, they started the day with thanking God almighty for a wonderful week ahead, news and birthday celebrations followed. Teachers also introduced some General knowledge topics and Value education stories with kids to encourage them to learn more about the world and its current facts. Finally, it was time to click their virtual class photograph. Using technology on teams through large gallery view, teachers took a class photograph. Earlier we all looked into one camera for a class photograph but this year there were thirty cameras to smile at. Students were excited to click their first virtual class photograph of the year 20-21. Their personalities just shined and the results are so adorable, they all deserve an A. With beautiful backgrounds there was lot of variety and creativity in class photographs. After a formal photograph, it was time for funny class pictures too. It was a picture-perfect Monday to start the week.