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Date of Upload: 19th January, 2021

Sanskaar Virtual Fest Prangan

As a school that believes in the importance of Co-curricular and Sports activities for holistic growth of a child and aims at giving an opportunity to each child to discover and express his or her innate talents, The Sanskaar Valley School organized a Sports and cultural fest on an online platform for the students of Grades II to V commencing with the registrations on the 19th of December to the presentations on the 15th and 16th of January.

Bringing the Pranganites together on one platform to perform for the Sanskaar Virtual Fest was almost like having them back in school, as they connected with the teachers for their thousand and one queries about the events and were in constant touch with us. The Activity and Sports rooms again reverberated with laughter as the teachers went through the videos sent in by the kids and we could see them sing, dance, enact, paint and draw as well as take up the sport challenges albeit virtually. 

Keeping the age groups in mind, the Fest was conducted at 2 Levels-Grades 2 & 3 and Grades 4 & 5 and presented on the 15th and 16th of January respectively. We had the students of Grades 2 & 3 participating in the various sports events like Jumping Jacks, Obstacles Challenge, Catch the Balloon and Skipping. Instead of just the top winners, we had them competing for the Gold, Silver & Bronze Categories and it surely was motivating for the students as they managed to make it into one category or the other. It was heartening to see even the non-sporty students participating for just the experience!

It was fun to watch the parents and students pair up for the duet dance’ Step it up! On the theme: Family and the creativity in the dress ups and special effects was a treat for the eyes! The young artists came up with beautiful creations using leaves for the ‘Leafy Zoo’ and bottle caps for the Cap It Up! Songs on Happiness for ‘Over The Rainbow’ and enactments in ‘Today I am’ had everyone mesmerized with the presentations and it was really tough to decide upon the top achievers.  

Grades 4 and 5 spun beautiful poems on topics as diverse as ‘Earth needs a mommy’ to soccer, clouds and Family and recited them with full enthusiasm and feeling. Retro Jugalbandi had the parents and students sing together on songs from the 1960s to 90s; the dress up for the same was a real treat! Songs on friendship for ‘Count on me’ and dance on ‘Incredible India’ had the audience moving to the beats. The ‘Origami Challenge’ and ‘A Shoe About You’ had the students give wings to their imagination and creativity.  

Sports events had the students cycle and run around their campus and compete for the Gold, Silver, Bronze categories. Skipping and Dribbling Challenges had the maximum participants as they showed their prowess and skills and had fun as an add on! 

The icing on the cake were the young emcees who compered the whole event with so much panache and style and put the whole event together beautifully!  

This medley of events- cultural, literary and sports was streamed on the YouTube platform for the parent and student community where video snippets of all the participants as well as the winners in the different categories were shown. It was an exciting event, a validation for the Sports and Activity teachers for all that they have taught the students over the years and especially in the online classes last year. A great experience for all and another feather in our cap!