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Date of Upload: 13th January, 2021

New Year Fiesta

Another year has passed by,

Memories made will never die.

In each moment we found the good,

And thought like optimists exactly like we should.

No matter how hard everything got,

To keep trying is what we were taught.

As we look back at the adventures we had,

Some moments make us nostalgic and some of them glad.

But in the end we found our ways.

To another year and better days.

With hope in their dazzling eyes and optimism in their minds, the students of Prangan bid farewell to the bumpy road we came through. 

The students were astounded to know the History of New Year’s Eve and the celebration around the world amused them.

It was a treat to the eyes watching the students express their happiness through their creativity and showcase their talent at the same time, through tattoo making. They had a startling fun filled start of the day and their team work was highly appreciated and the results, remarkable. 

The pranganites got great hype by playing 'four corners' and ended the celebration with its heart and soul - dance. The freshness that emmergered filled the students with absolute newness and became a kick start for the year.

The tattoos the children drew would gradually fade away but the memories made are meant to stay.