COVID 19 Admissions Open
Date of Upload: 13th January, 2021

Mentor Time - 6th January

Experimenting with Stories- Tweaking and Twisting the tales!

“Sharing imaginative tales is one way to give children a break from technology!”

During the ‘New Normal Way’, technology came to aid to promote learning. But we all know ‘Books and Stories’ are indispensable. The intoxicating smell of our favourite book as we feel the pages and read through the words still is the fondest memories for us. 

So, in the Mentor Time Session we decided to rekindle these memories. It was a while since our students heard or narrated a story? Not the all-time favourite pre-imagined stories set in a shared digital space, or the old-fashioned type, whose opening lines are usually ‘Once upon a time’ or ‘Long, long ago …’? 

This time they had to twist and tweak the original story and present a new version! 

The stage was set…. The narrators were ready. The camera rolled on and the tale began… participants had a ball as they narrated their versions of the old time favourite tales. 

This interesting Storytelling session with a difference triggered our students’ imagination and creativity. It helped in strengthening their analytical and critical thinking abilities. Each one of them challenged their oratory skills by modulating their voice as per the need of the story and its characters. 

Experimenting with Stories, proved out to be the most entertaining way of learning by doing. The participant and the audience both were equally engrossed!