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Date of Upload: 11th January, 2021

World Laughter Day

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. — Phyllis Diller

Some people call it the best medicine others say it’s a stress buster. Charlie Chaplin said. ‘if you don’t laugh one day that day is wasted.’ What better can we give to our children than a day full of laughter? So Prangan decided to start the week with jokes, laughter and loads of fun activities. On Monday 12th January, 2021 Class teachers time was a much-awaited class by the students as they joined in happily anticipating all the amusing activities their teacher must have planned to celebrate World Laughter Day.

The day started with a solemn prayer from the Journal and a reminder for also praying before meals with another beautiful prayer from the school journal. Students shared news about the current happenings around the world and the teacher also elaborated upon the important happenings. Excitement of birthdays never end whether it is a friend’s birthday or their own. After celebrating birthdays students learnt about ‘World Laughter Day.’  Now it was time to laugh a little. They learnt a few exercises of laughter yoga through a video. It was so much fun as they could not stop laughing and chuckling. Their teacher taught them some benefits of laughing too. Some of them turned red bursting into loud laughs again and again and others rolled over the bed. Students also drew some laughter emojis to complete the day. It was a super fun filled day for teachers and students. For some learning along with fun teachers also discussed General knowledge topics which students enjoyed answering and quizzing. But who could stop them from laughing and chuckling as we all know that smiles and laughter are contagious.



Page- 64: Days to celebrate

H.W: Page 17 - Movie Mania

H.W: Page 27 - Making a bunny mask



Page-54: Knowing Northern India

H.W: Page 55 - Snake and Ladders

H.W: Page 40-Life Cycle of a frog



Page- 34, 35: Politicians and leaders



Page- 50, 51: Holy Places

H.W: Page- 32, 33: Traditional paintings of India

H.W: Page 69: Famous words