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Date of Upload: 22nd December, 2020

Class Teacher Time : National Mathematics Day

22nd December - National Mathematics Day

Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit. -Stefan Banach    

Prangan held its Last-Class Teacher time of the year, on 21st December, Monday 2020. Students joined in with great enthusiasm to meet their class teachers again. The theme of the day was National Mathematics Day. Every year, the country celebrates National Mathematics Day on December 22nd to commemorate the birth anniversary of a great Mathematician-Srinivasa Ramanujan. The class first, commenced with a wonderful prayer spoken aloud by a student while others closed their eyes and joined hands. Then a student read out thought for the day which was explained by the teacher. Students also read out few current happenings around the globe and from India also. Followed by the much-awaited activity of the day - Learning to draw cartoon animals using numbers. It was an amazing and fun loving activity. As challenging and fun as Math is. The day ended with some Memory test activity of bus numbers, IDs and phone numbers. Students also shared why they like Math. What a Mathamazing day!

Topic Covered-



Page- 18: Changing seasons

H.W: Page 14,15 - Interesting bugs



Page-12 & 13: The Energy Saver

H.W: Page 51 - Cups and Trophies



Page- 20, 21: Sports stars

H.W: Page 75- Networking

H.W: Page-81: Imagining the future



Page- 22 : Great Indian Scientists

H.W: Page- 46, 47: Green Energy

H.W: Page 67 : Classic Characters