COVID 19 Admissions Open
Date of Upload: 17th December, 2020

Mentor Time - 16th December

“If your communication inspires others to dream, learn, do and become more, you are a leader.”

This week’s Mentor Time was to inspire Pranganites to enrich speaking, listening and critical thinking skills. This session was in continuation of previous week`s mentor time. Public speaking is an excellent way to build critical thinking skills as we also need to figure out how to tailor the message to fit the needs of the listeners.

Students enthusiastically participated in the interactive session. During the public speaking session, six-seven students from Grade II, III and IV participated in `Show and tell’ activity. Grade V continued to challenge themselves in the Mini-Rebuttal Round. The speakers presented their views and the interjectors cross questioned them on few topics like `Should Children be given Pocket Money’, `Use of Cycles within a radius of 5km must be mandatory’, ‘Success or Happiness what is more important’, ‘Country life/City life is better’ etc.

Students understood that public speaking is a great way of building personal development on many levels, since improving communication skills is helpful in almost every area of life. Students were given the message that the world is waiting for their words!