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Date of Upload: 14th December, 2020

National Energy Conservation Day

Energy independence cannot come without energy conservation.

As the class collected again on 14th December, students greeted each other and their class teacher in the lovely onset of the day while the teacher greeted all with a relevant question: Are you an Energy Saver?  ‘National Energy Conservation Day’ is celebrated every year by the people all over India on 14th of December. It is celebrated globally to highlight the importance of energy consumption and its use in our day-to-day life. Uplifting this noble cause, Class teachers discussed some very simple and realistic ways to conserve energy like:- Energy can be saved by using LED bulbs and Solar energy  . Every person can save energy by eliminating unnecessary use of fan, light, heater or other electrical instruments used in their daily life. And more use of renewable source of energy can be big step. An interactive video was shown on the importance of conserving energy and using renewable sources of energy.  Teachers planned exciting activities which really made their day. Students created little ‘Hang Tags’ with strings having instructions like: Remember to Switch Me Off or Don’t’ Waste Me, to hang near the switch boards or water tapes. They also wrote slogans on Bulb cut out and promised to never waste energy which was read aloud later. Through these petty activities students understood that we have to think, act and save energy for mother earth. The learning was simply great! Teacher concluded the class by conducting quiz from their General Knowledge books and with a request: Be an Energy Saver! 

Topics discussed: Theme- ‘National Energy Conservation Day




C.W: Page-24,25: Fishy facts

H.W: Page 26 -Knowing India



Lesson 7- Love Nature

Page- H.W: Page 59 - Food Pyramid



Lesson 6-Love is sweet

Page-H.W: Page-64, 65-How our body works & Eating healthy



Lesson 12- Each person is precious

Page- H.W: Page-85 - Lawn Safari

H.W: Page-57 - Business Basics