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Date of Upload: 11th December, 2020

Spelling Bee

Buzz, buzz, spellers buzzing 

Enjoying, spelling, winning and learning!

The bright minds of Pranganites buzzed over different spellings in order to win a boys vs. girls competition -Spell Bee. Each student was recognized as a Queen/ King Bee and two were honoured as the Speller Bees. The students buzzed towards improving their vocabulary and bee-ing awesome.

The spell bee conducted on 11th December turned out as a fun filled quiz which ended up enhancing the pranganites’ spelling game and testing their skills.

The students were highly encouraged and motivated to participate by the term ‘Queen Bees versus King Bees’ and held on to prove that their hive was the most unwavering one.

The quiz tested the students in a series of five rounds consisting questions that included age appropriate words that improved their knowledge.

This activity helped them gain confidence and developed a range of cognitive skills including the ability to handle pressure.

With all the buzzing, they had a great time and an opportunity to become The Speller Bee, by earning points for their team and adding jewels to their crown by individual points.

The pranganites had a great time being the best they could ever bee.

King & Queen Spellers!


Grade VA

King Spellers

Queen Spellers

Shreyas Jain

Suryaansh Passey

Tanishka Khaira

Grade VB

Tanush Jain

Jasmeera kaur

Grade VC

Samyak Gupta

Shifa Nausheen

Grade VD

Prashast  Prajapati

Aanya Nagar

Grade VE

Kunsh Sethi

Geet Menghwani

Avishi Rajoria

Sabhyata Diwan

Swastika Singh

Avni Gupta

Grade VF

Shaurya Dang

Aadya Ahuja


Grade IV A

Kayaan Saluja

Satvika Soni

Grade IV B

Gaurang Agrawal

Tejbir Singh Jagdave

Sansriti Rai

Swasti Tiwari

Grade IV C

Shubh Shukla


Grade IV D

Naman Wadhwani

Ishita Agarwal

Grade IV E

Abhiveer Harkawat

Pearl Garg

Grade IV F

Shauryaveer Singh Uppal

Ananya Singh


Grade III A

Aarav Zytshi

Aahana Roopchandani

Grade III B

Anant Singh Gandhi

Avika Pandey

Grade III C

Nikunj Diwan

Aarna Sharma

Grade III D

Kabir Singh

Milisha Lalwani

Grade III E

Syamantak Choudhury

Sayona Modi

Grade III F

Arnav Chaurey

Janmejay Pratap Singh

Avika Suryavanshi

Saanvi Dogra


Grade II A

Abhigyan Jain

Malvika Chaturvedi

Grade II B

Aarav Jain

Ansh Chandnani

Haryali Jain

Grade II C

Darsh Lalchandani

Meeraya Sable

Grade II D

Shaurya Bhargava

Aradhya Singh

Grade II E

Harman Chotrani

Harshita Meena

Grade II F

Animesh Jain

Prabhav Gupta

Rashmil Tyagi