COVID 19 Admissions Open
Date of Upload: 9th December, 2020

Shikhar Online Treasure Hunt

The participants were required to solve puzzles, find hidden messages, decode ciphers and explore the internet to get to the treasure. Contestants realised that finding the treasure challenged their intuition, their focus, their ability to locate and decipher the clues and riddles, and their commitment to completing the challenge.

All participants were given starting instructions, based on which they had to follow the route to the final destination. 

The participants were invited to the Microsoft Teams meeting and were briefed about the general guidelines and rules of the hunt. The location of the clues was hidden on different websites, in videos, encrypted text and tricky algorithms. Using Google baba’s help wasn’t enough to reach to the final destination of the hidden treasure. It was because the clues to find the treasure were not only related to the IT terminology and general knowledge, but also involved problem solving skills and presence of mind allowing greater number of students to participant. 

Inspite of doing head hunting for almost 3 hours on Google Streets, none of the participants could reach to the treasure. A few of our participants reached very close to the treasure and were given special appreciation.

The name of these students are:

Special Appreciation (The following 8 students could reach very close to the treasure)

Purunjai Pradhan 11 AS

Mandhar Joshi 9 D

Tanmay Kaul 9 E

Rachit Ajmera 9 C

Aaditya Lijo Joy 9 E

Navya Jain 10 E

Jaanya Bagdi 9 B 

Ishaan Vikas 11 AS

The other participants who could find a few clues to the treasure were:

Other Participants

Suhasi Popli 11 Sc

Arya Krishak 12AS

Kush R Gangwani 11CC

Maitreyi Rathore 11AS

Aarush Rai  9 E

Prabhav Kumar Gupta 9 B


Anushk Vijayvargiya  10 B