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Date of Upload: 8th December, 2020

Class Teacher Time - 7th December

4th December - World Wildlife Conservation Day

This Monday Class Teacher’s time seeks out to spread awareness about preserving and protecting the natural world and its inhabitants and to support ‘World Wildlife Conservation Day, observed each year on December 4th. It was also a day to remember all those who met with an unfortunate end on 3rd December 1984, an accident at the Union Carbide in Bhopal also known as ‘The Gas Tragedy Day.’ Students were made aware of this environmental disaster which still haunts the city and the minds to the people even after 36 years. It also proves the strong resilience this city and its people hold in their hearts.

After seeking God’s divine blessing through a beautiful prayer, the students shared the current happening of the world. After a small talk on ‘World Wildlife Conservation Day, teachers introduced them with an extraordinary animal ‘The Pangolin’ and why it has become so rare. To celebrate the event Pranganites made creative, colourful animal masks and wrote messages wishing that these beautiful creatures must never get extinct. We also learnt that Wildlife on planet Earth is under siege from all sides, facing down habitat loss and the impact of climate change. Some of the biggest threats to wildlife include illegal wildlife trade, habitat destruction, invasive species, pollution, and climate change. Today, close to a quarter of all species on the planet are in danger of becoming extinct in the next decades. Although it's not always easy to make a difference to such a distant problem, it is easier to make changes closer to home and nearby environment. On this World Wildlife Day, let us remind ourselves of our duty to preserve and sustainably use the vast variety of life on the planet. 

Topic Covered-



Page- 18: Changing seasons

H.W: Page 14, 15 - Interesting bugs



Page-12 & 13: The Energy Saver

H.W: Page 51 - Cups and Trophies



Page- 20, 21: Sports stars

H.W: Page 75- Networking

H.W: Page-81: Imagining the future



Page- 22 : Great Indian Scientists

H.W: Page- 46, 47: Green Energy

H.W: Page 67 : Classic Characters