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Date of Upload: 4th December, 2020

The Culinary Arts Competition 2020

Cooking is about people and their love for food.

Food is mainly a universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. In these uncertain times cooking gave the students of The Sanksaar Valley School a reason to be together through a virtual culinary competition 2020. This competition was held on 28th November by the council of 2020-21.

The competition was divided into 2 phases- junior and senior category.

The junior category consisted of students of grade 9th and were asked to prepare for salad decoration while the senior category consisted of students of grade 11th and were asked for cake decoration. Each house was supposed to make an Instagram page on which all the participants were to share their entries in the form of reels, photos or videos.

On the day of the event, the participants were asked questions on the basis of their entries by the judges.

The esteemed judges of this event for the junior category were Mrs. Manju Devangan and Mrs. Jyoti Kumar while for the senior category the judges were Mrs.Kavita and Mrs. Anita Dawar.

Along with the feedback, the judges also gave their unique inputs on the ideas and presentation of the participants.

The participants were judged on the following parameters:

  • Presentation
  • Creativity
  • Color combination
  • Use/knowledge of ingredients
  • Workmanship
  • Table layout
  • Hygiene and turnout
  • Q & A session

The results of the competition were as follows:


  1. Sarjana Chaturvedi Pravir IX D.
  2. Garvita Saxena  Satya IX B .
  3. Radhika Gupta  Pravir IX D .


  1. Pravir
  2. Satya
  3. Pragyan
  4. Udyam


  1. Khushi Yadav Udyam XI H 
  2. Sanya Singh Satya XI S
  3. Ravnit Kaur Pragyan XI 


  1. Pragyan
  2. Satya
  3. Udyam
  4. Pravir