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Date of Upload: 27th November, 2020

Celebrating Religious Festivals

India is a country with various cultures and traditions,

We all come together for celebrations.

Irrespective of different customs and traditions,

We all integrate with joyful emotions.

This week’s Mentor Time was to motivate Pranganites to learn about Religious Festivals and their importance. During the prevalence of Covid-19, developing faith and understanding on how religious festivals have always laid importance on respecting Nature and all beings in it, was essential to be taken up with students.

Students understood how Religious festivals bring joy and happiness and a deep understanding of everyone’s life. Mentors used this opportunity to develop essential life skills like social and emotional skills and the skill of being resilient. Values like compassion, mutual respect, bonding with neighbours and friends, and sharing with all were strengthened.

Students participated with zeal in various interactive sessions. During the public speaking session, three students from each grade threw light on the learnings behind the celebration of religious festivals. The topics were - `Importance of Festivals for Us’, `Festivals Help in Creating Better Bonding’ and `Importance of Festivals for the Society’.

Students learnt that they should celebrate and enjoy all festivals. They understood that every community and religion of India celebrates different festivals and each festival has its own distinct customs, rituals and flavour. They could relate to celebrating festivals in the true spirit and to understand its role in our society and its evolution.