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Date of Upload: 19th November, 2020

Celebrating National Festivals

Believe in human dignity, as the source of national purpose,

Human liberty, as the source of national action,

Human heart, as the source of national compassion, and

Human integrity, as the source of national strength.

This week’s Mentor Time was to motivate Pranganites to learn about National festivals and their importance. National festivals play a major role in everyone’s life by enhancing love for the country.  Festivals are the source to develop essential life skills like patriotism, loyalty, friendship, tolerance and mutual respect. These bring joy and happiness in our life. 

Students participated in various interactive sessions and learnt the significance of integrity and brotherhood. During the public speaking session, three students from each grade threw light on the learnings behind the celebration of National festivals. The topics were - `Importance of festivals’, `Festivals are all about spreading love and caring for each other’ and `Festivals - A time of bonding’. 

Students participated with full enthusiasm during the session and learnt that we should celebrate and enjoy festivals. They understood that the national festival is an occasion to refine and rebuild the national character. National festivals bring out emotional values in us for the dedication towards our motherland!