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Date of Upload: 9th November, 2020

Celebrating Festivals

Festivals are the occasions

To empower ourselves in the course of humanity

Festivals are the occasions

To rekindle the promise of humanity in our heart

This week’s Mentor Time session was to encourage Pranganites to learn about the festivals and its importance. Festivals bring joy and happiness in everyone’s life. Festivals are the source to develop essential life skills like compassion, sharing, friendship, tolerance and mutual respect. Through festivals, we know more about the culture and traditions of the society. 

Students participated in an interactive session and learnt the religious, scientific and social reasons for celebrating festivals. During the public speaking session, three students from grade II-IV threw light on the various learnings behind the celebration of festivals. Six students of grade V challenged themselves with a ‘Mini-Rebuttal’. The topics were- ‘Today, festivals in India are more money and glamour rather than culture and tradition’, ‘The importance of Indian festivals is lost on today’s generation’ and ‘The traditional way of celebration or the modern way-which one is better?’  

Students participated with full enthusiasm during the session and learnt that we should celebrate all the festivals and enjoy them. Every festival religious, harvest or national has equal importance in our country. They learnt that the greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals. Hence, they should be valued and celebrated with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Our students agreed that if needed we should accept to change some rituals for the larger benefits of the society.