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Date of Upload: 23rd October, 2020

Dussehra Celebration- More Power to Us!

A time for celebration,

A time for victory of good over evil,

A time when the world sees the power of good!

Pranganites, celebrated Dussehra today with true spirit through an activity where they got a minute to show their art piece, either a ‘Ravan’ or a ‘Bow & arrow’. All the children shared one bad habit which they promised to give up. Girls were dressed in bright colourful Ghagra Choli. Boys too were aptly dressed in their kurta pyjama for the festive celebration. The Garba beats enhanced the festive mood! The event ended with the spiritual positivity and merriment!

Learning Outcome

  • The students learnt the importance of the religious festival.
  • They took pride in the cultural history of their country.
  • They felt honoured and confident in sharing their art piece.
  • The value to stand with the truth was instilled in them.
  • They learnt to be righteous.

It gave them a sense of joy and delight in the celebration.