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Date of Upload: 21st October, 2020

Time Management

‘’Time; managing you judiciously is largely the

determinant factor towards success and failure

Time; your efficient allocation and usage

make a whole lot of difference among

individual successful and achievement stories’’

This week’s Mentor Time session was to motivate Pranganites to learn more about the importance of time management. Completing assignments and jobs within time is the most essential skills for children.

An interesting video on `Time Management’ was shown to children.  Children learnt to prioritize tasks so that they can complete schoolwork and assignments on time.

During the public speaking session, three students threw light on various aspects of managing their time fruitfully. Students participated in an interactive session and discussed whether a daily routine helps in better management of time. The students were found eager to answer each question with great excitement.

Students shared their point of view eagerly. They learnt that by following time management skills, they will be able to balance their family time and fun time better. They promised that now onwards they will respect and value time more and submit their assignments on time.

Our Tint-Tots of grade two honestly confessed that they didn’t know how to prepare a timetable but by the end of the session they learnt how to make a timetable. They were too excited to put the newly acquired skill to practice.

The children understood that the future is created by what we do today, not tomorrow. They were ready to put their timetables to test.