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Date of Upload: 20th October, 2020

World Students Day

Be the Change! - 19th October

The quote:  ‘If you want to change the world, start with yourself’ means to be the change. This Monday, 19th October, Class Teacher Time started with this self enlightening theme.  Be the Change! To honour and mark the importance of India's 11th President: APJ Abdul Kalam, the United Nations declared his birthday on 15th October to be celebrated as World Students’ Day. The inspirational personality, Dr. Kalam was not just the people’s President, but also a Teacher, Scientist, Professor, Author and a Policy-maker.

Dr. Kalam always expressed his desire to be remembered as a teacher by the people and children. On this special day, Class teacher’s time was designed for all to discern and introspect- Let’s Be the change because when we change, the world around us changes. Students took this pledge in their formal uniforms and proudly sang ‘The School Song.’ 

After a gentle prayer seeking God’s divine blessings, teacher’s discussed- thought for the day. Students were assigned to say news and current affairs. Birthday celebrations are very special during the class teacher’s time. Children feel special on their birthdays and when their class celebrates it online, it is a new experience for them. The fun started with the initiation of an ice-breaking game to bring the class into a lively mood. Class teacher's time is also important as we discuss topics from student’s Value Education books. These topics were selected in accord with the theme: Be the Change!  Such as: Being grateful, Being different, Being Punctual and The joy of learning were discussed with students. Teachers presented their stories using interesting props. The class concluded with a relevant video. 

Theme- Be the Change!   ‘World Students’ Day

Topics discussed:

Grade-II:   Lesson 9- Being different Page-  50, 51

Grade-III: Lesson 6- Being grateful- 19th Page -31, 32 

Grade-IV:  Lesson 2- Being Punctual Page- 14, 15 

Grade-V:    Lesson 8- Christmas Morning Page – 107, 110