Date of Upload: 14th October, 2020

A Salaam to Kalam

"When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms.

When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates.

When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit.

When knowledge is lit, economy flourishes.”

This week, the Mentors` Time session was to share the inspirational and motivational values of the missile man of our nation, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. 

The session motivated students to put in hard work and be persistent in their efforts. It enthused students to dream big and always be eager to learn and evolve to fulfil that dream.

During the public speaking session, three students threw light on various aspects of Kalam's life journey.  An interesting video based on Dr Kalam`s life was shared. The children were excited to know about the greatness of Dr Kalam and learned values like being courageous, be prepared for the best and worst both, be humble, connect with people and do not forget to learn from failure.

Pranganites could establish a good connect with Dr Kalam's philosophy as they discovered that he was a great person, always on a mission to learn more and move ahead.  All you need is a clear intent to follow the values.  They also understood the need to prepare a timetable for daily routine as it makes it easier to achieve the goals in life.

It was a wonderful moment to see our students learning from the teachings of a great person like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam that he was one of those people who keep us going, inspire us to do better every day and move closer to our goals and dreams. 

They understood that they must dream before their dreams can come true!