Date of Upload: 14th October, 2020

Inter-House GK Quiz

The school’s very first virtual Inter-House GK Quiz was held on the 10th of October,2020. Participants represented their houses from each grade. The enthralling quiz was conducted by everyone's favourite quiz master- Somnath sir, who's mind-boggling questions left everyone entertained. The quiz had a total of 5 Rounds  - Direct Question-Answer round, Audio-Visual round, Thunder- Buzzer round, Logical reasoning, and Choice where participants could choose a topic they would want to answer. 

Udyam lead the quiz in the beginning but the results toppled up with Pragyan scoring the highest points and Satya following back with a margin of only 10 points. In all, everyone enjoyed the different sets of rounds and competition. Students learned to broaden their approach and think out of the box through this event.