Date of Upload: 12th October, 2020

Hindi Muhavara Activity - Grade IX

Recently, Hindi Muhavara Activity was held for Grade IX in which students were grouped together. Each group had to prepare a theatrical work showing a conversation between people through idioms.

Students of IX C, D & E put in tremendous efforts to complete the activity successfully. This activity has definitely helped the students build a stronger language base and learning muhavras with fun! 

The students came up with a plethora of ideas ranging from humorous story lines like- ‘Ek Corona Katha’, ‘Billi ka nyay’ and ‘School ki wo yaddein’ to patriotic stories about the ‘Indian army and the vows of every soldier’ to stories addressing important social issues like- ‘badthi mahangaye par logo ke vichaar aur reactions’ and ‘Itne rapes kyu hote hai’. The morals of each storyline struck a chord. This activity didn’t only help students learn muhavras but also taught them life lessons like teamwork, the importance of analytical thinking and also of applying concepts in our everyday lives for a better understanding.