Date of Upload: 8th October, 2020

Celebrating Gandhi

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thought becomes YOUR WORDS.

Keep your words positive because your words become YOUR BEHAVIOR

Keep your behaviour positive because your behaviour becomes YOUR HABITS

Keep your habits positive because your habits become YOUR VALUES

Keep your values positive because your values become YOUR DESTINY”

This week’s Mentor Time session was to motivate Pranganites to learn more from Mahatma Gandhi`s philosophy. The importance of skills like, patience, peace, integrity, and to lead others by setting an example were explained to students. 

During the interactive session, the children narrated some real incidents for which they got motivated for being tolerant, patient and peaceful. They also shared the occasion where they, were appreciated for being disciplined. Children were also excited to share about the moments when they got motivation from their friends, parents and teachers for righteous behaviour.

Pranganites came to know Gandhi as never before! They learnt that the 'life skills', Gandhi believed in and followed throughout his life helped evolve the 'god-like Gandhi in Mohandas.'

Through this session, our students were motivated to practise his values in life. These small lessons and peer discussions will help in strengthening the positive traits. May these humble efforts bring the change in them and be transformed around them to fulfil Gandhi's dreams.  

They collaborated to learn that values, thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment, a person becomes focused and character is strengthened.