Date of Upload: 5th October, 2020

The Power of Love

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” –  Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year in India as the birthday of the 'Father of the Nation'. Class teacher’s time held on 5th October paid homage to the ideologies of a ‘Mahatma’ a pioneer of truth and non-violence. A little boy dressed up as Little Gandhi greeted the class. He shared that he was Gandhi and spoke about his contributions to India. He replicated his looks and shred his quotes.  He said we all have a Gandhi living in our hearts we just need to rekindle his principles of truthfulness and peace. Gandhiji has made a great difference in everybody's life, sacrificing his own life to liberate India” This week’s Class teacher time was dedicated to ‘The Father of the Nation.’

After a gentle prayer seeking God’s divine blessings, teacher’s discussed- thought for the day. Students were assigned to say news and current affairs. Birthday celebrations are very special during the class teacher’s time. Children feel very special on their birthdays and when their class celebrates it online, it is a new experience for them.  Class teacher's time is also an important time to discuss topics from student’s Value Education books. These topics were selected in accord with the theme: Power of Love. Values such as forgiveness, harmony, truthfulness and courage were discussed with students. Teachers presented their stories using interesting props.  Few students also gave a small talk on ‘Bapu Ji.’ The class ended with the promise that we will try to imbibe Gandhi Ji’s teachings and values in our lives.

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Topics discussed: Theme- ‘Gandhi Jayanti’-The Power of Love…..

Grade-II:  L-6: Being Brave - Page- 37, 38

Grade-III: L-:1 Let's be truthful - Page- 10, 11

Grade-IV: L-3: -Forgiving others- Page-18, 19

Grade-V:  L-8: - The gift of peace -Page- 20, 21