Date of Upload: 5th October, 2020

Alumni Session - Study Abroad

Samcara organized a session with Ms. Unnati Goyal, an alum of The Sanskaar Valley School to talk about the process of selecting a country, course, college/ university and the major factors to be kept in mind find while planning to study abroad. 

Ms. Goyal is currently studying at The University of Southern California (USA), pursuing a course in Computer Science. She even highlighted that it is important that the students make realistic choices while selecting a college and emphasised on building a strong profile from the start. She also spoke about the opportunities for students on campus and how they can be useful. Planning early and working on a timeline is very important. 

Unnati, shared her own journey about factors that she worked on while shortlisting colleges, timely getting the required documents for college application, and even while studying balancing her internship work along with her university work. The session was highly interactive, where the students actively asked questions and got their doubts cleared.