Date of Upload: 28th September, 2020

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day- ‘Around the World’


International Right to Know Day!

“The beauty of nature will leave you speechless once you start travelling, But it will make you a storyteller once you finish travelling.”

World Tourism Day (WTD) is an international event held annually by the tourism industry all over the world. Its purpose is to foster awareness among the international community on the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.

Friday, 25th September was a remarkable day for Pranganites as we celebrated World Tourism Day with great enthusiasm. While on one side Grade III and IV children fiercely partnered in the GK quiz challenge, on the other hand, they were also very thrilled to take a tour around the globe. The children learnt to do Hello, Namaste, and Good-Bye in a variety of regional and international languages. 

Grade V had come prepared for this activity. Groups had been formed by the class teachers and each group had its own name. The group members gave their best. By working collaboratively team members developed trust in one another and communicated openly and effectively. They exhibited team spirit and appreciated the diversity of ideas. Each group represented one National or International Dream Destination of their choice and had come fully prepared with their colourful and informative ppts. Some children successfully played the role of the presenter by sharing the PPT while others gave detailed information about the place chosen. They told about the weather, climate, culture and traditions of that place. Some also shared information about the festivals, local cuisine and famous monuments. Children were also exhilarated to share the knowledge of a new language and felt proud in explaining everything in detail.

Children became aware of the importance of tourism and appreciated nature and travelling a lot. They expanded their knowledge of the customs and cultures of different countries. Children were also made aware of ‘Right to Information’ by sharing the details of ‘International Right to Know Day’. Children were excited to get this additional information on this day. 

It was indeed a gladdening experience and a moment of pride for all the teachers to witness their students working in collaboration with their group members and presenting a brilliant presentation.