Date of Upload: 25th September, 2020

Mentor Time - 'We and Me' Skills

How good and pleasant it is, when people COLLABORATE.

When they rise above self and vale relationships,

when kindness is the currency.

When the right decisions are made,

When respect is earned and gained,

when issues are aired and faced honestly,

when friendship is nurtured above differences.

How good and pleasant it is, when people COLLABORATE,

For a common goal and attain a fulfilling experience in life!

This week’s Mentor Time session was planned to inspire and educate Pranganites to know more about the ‘ME and WE Skills’. Based on the story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’, the teachers had pre-planned various situations which were discussed in the class and then the students came up with workable solutions. The teacher intervened to make them understand the consequences of their decisions. It was an ‘AHA MOMENT’ for all the teachers to see how tactfully students promptly answered each question.

When asked, “If you are the captain of your team how will you handle a player with short temperament?” The students showcased good decision-making skills and said that they will positively motivate their teammate and give him responsibilities as per his strength and liking so that he too feels motivated to perform better. Some said they would advise him to join a laughter club. When asked how will you plan your strategies for the upcoming match without knowing the caliber of your opponent team? The students surprised by saying they will observe the players of the opponent teams, analyze each players’ strength and weakness and then plan accordingly. 

Students learnt the important life skills by brainstorming on the learning outcomes of the video. This learning by doing will stay with them forever and help them evolve as stronger individuals ready to brave up all the challenges!

‘Learning the right skills is the perfect opportunity,

to start building the tomorrow of their choice!’