Date of Upload: 21st September, 2020

Class Teacher Time - Sharing is Caring

“No candle loses its light while lighting another candle” Never stop sharing, caring & helping others, because it makes our life more meaningful. – Lamdarshan 

This Monday, 21st September, Class Teacher Time started with this heartfelt theme. After a gentle prayer seeking God’s divine blessings, teacher’s discussed thought for the day. Students were assigned to say news and current affairs. Birthday celebrations are very special during the class teacher’s time. Children feel very special on their birthdays and when their class celebrates it online, it is a new experience for them.  

Class teacher's time is also an important time to discuss topics from student’s Value Education books. These topics were selected in accord with the theme of the week so that students may get a deep insight into the beautiful thought of loving others. Sharing is when you become selfless and help others or share something with others. It helps to make a person empathetic, and the person starts to care about others unconditionally. Sharing makes a person build social-skills which are required by a well-adjusted citizen. Before concluding the day, children spoke about one thing they would like to give away to help someone in need. Pictures of the good deed were shared. 

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Topics discussed: Theme- ‘Sharing is Caring’.   

Grade-II:   L-5: Learning to say, ‘I am sorry.’

Grade-III: L-5: Doing the right thing

Grade-IV:  L-5:  Caring for other

Grade-V:    L-4: In someone else’s shoes