Date of Upload: 19th September, 2020

World Literacy Day

“Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.” – John Dewey

With no boundaries or limitation, the only thing that can make you a diamond from coal is EDUCATION. 

Prangan celebrated the World Literacy Day on 18th September 2020. Students of Grade II, III and IV began this celebration with the thought “Reading the Past, Writing the Future”. 

In the mission to spread awareness about literacy, students were briefed about this day and its importance. They were taught about the importance of literacy in the life of an individual and society through the literacy rate of the world and India. The students were motivated to read for ten minutes at the beginning of the class. To make this more fun, the students were asked to prepare for various fun activities related to books. 

Students were also dressed as their favourite character from their chosen storybook. Not only this, avid readers chose to recommend a storybook to their classmates and some of them even used things around their houses to recreate a scene from their favourite storybook. 

Few sections also conducted a virtual tour to reading rooms or mini-libraries at their friends' home. Students also shared their plan as to what they will do to spread literacy. The activity came to an end as the little ones pledged on this literacy day, to learn, to teach, to inspire, to make their future full of knowledge and success.