Date of Upload: 17th September, 2020

Mentor Time - Collaborating Skills

I have just begun to learn,

Learning by doing is the way to go!

Some days I do it right

And on some, I do it wrong.

But I never quit!

And I promise I’ll go on

Till I master the skills to right all the wrongs!

This week’s Mentor Time session was planned to motivate Pranganites to know more about the strength of unity and togetherness along with some essential skills. The videos based on the new version of the story `The Hare and the Tortoise’ was shown to the children of Grade IV and V. The original story was interestingly tweaked to show how the two competitors become friends and used each other’s strengths to accomplish a common goal. After watching the video, the students were divided into small groups, each group was given a task where they had to plan strategies to successfully accomplish the given task.

The video was based on the story `The Little Ant’ was shown to Grade II and III. The story was based on learning about helping each other, following rules and working together. After watching the video, an interactive session was conducted to discuss some interesting questions. The students eagerly answered each question with great excitement.

The brainstorming sessions were full of excitement.  Every child participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. Students used good communication skills and persuasive skills to put forth their suggestions. 

The stories enhanced the learning of basic life skills like Team Spirit, Leadership, Helping friends, Coordination, Empathy, Observational Skills and Self- discipline. Indeed, these small lessons of life will help us build stronger personalities!  

They collaborated to learn `Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!’